04/13/2021 News from Merchant Service: The pandemic has affected our ability to produce our pipes which is why we’ve recently been out of stock. Production will resume shortly. In addition to the Merchant Service Special and Standard billiard models, we will be introducing three new shapes as well. So stay tuned! We will have inventory as soon as possible. We are also very pleased to announce the introduction of a line of Merchant Service blends. These blends are produced in conjunction with Ken Byron Ventures which, as many of you already know, is one of the finest boutique blending houses. Our first blend was Sandy Row a delightful va/per. Our most recent blend released is Burlington Arcade, a full flavor english blend featuring syrian latakia. This one, and all the Merchant Service blends which follow, will be made in a style that can best be described as “old school”. Sandy Row, Burlington Arcade and other Merchant Service blends will always be offered directly through Ken Byron Ventures – kbven.com. We hope you enjoy them immensely.